September 17, 2022
Angle Lake, SeaTac WA
Registration is open

Race Day Information

Hello Last Splash of Summer Registrant:

With the Last Splash of Summer swim only 5 days out we wanted to give you a quick update. While subject to change, the weather is currently looking very favorable. All week the day time highs are forecast to be in the high 60s and low 70s with night time lows in the 50s. Saturday looks to be sunny. With the water temperature this morning at 67 degrees, it seems like it will stay at or near that temperature for race day.

While state-mandated restrictions don’t apply to our outside event at Angle Lake Park, we do want to make sure that we all are considerate of our volunteers and swimmers. The park itself is very large and doesn’t get busy until late morning/early afternoon and we should be done about noon. Spreading out shouldn’t be a problem.

Please be sure to wear a mask when you can’t maintain social distancing. Most certainly wear one at registration when you are checking in. At the start of the race while in the water stay as spread out as you can until the final 10 second count down starts – the goal is to put you in close proximity to other swimmers for the shortest amount of time possible.

In past years we have done wave starts 5 minutes apart for the 1 and 2 miles swims, also separating by those under 18 and over 18. We needed to do that for timing purposes. This year we will be hand timing the event and will start everyone in the 1 and 2 mile swims at 10 AM. The 500 yard swimmers will start shortly after the last swimmer exits the 1 and 2 mile swim.

As a reminder, Registration will open at 8:30 in the pavilion just above the beach. While parking can be a challenge, some parking is available at the park with overflow parking at the Sound Transit Parking Garage - a 5 minute walk south of the park.

Finally, remember that there is a Mandatory Safety Meeting at 9:30 AM. For insurance purposes, we can’t let you swim if you are not at that meeting.

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday!

Eric Durban

Meet Director